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Fortnite WinterFest 2021: All changes that players can expect

Fortnite’s Winter is coming. Players will receive a bunch of winter-related Fortnite Christmas Skins and other festive items for the game. There does not seem to be any official announcement from the developer yet, but several leaks have popped up for the event. The holiday in Fortnite often results in free skins for all players, but this is not yet confirmed for this year’s occasion. Check out everything so far!

When Fortnite Season 4 comes to an end on December 6, fans will begin to see some interesting changes. This new event is called Fortnite WinterFest 2021, and it is filled with holiday cheer that perfectly sets up the game for its fifth season. However, as most gamers likely know by now, things don’t stay static in the world of Fortnite. In fact, there are going to be a number of map changes made during this year’s winter season.

Potential map changes coming to Fortnite WinterFest 2021

Epic Games has been rather quiet about the structure of the maps coming in WinterFest through to its conclusion on February 15th. It may be surprising to hear this, considering the studio is known for focusing a lot of energy on community interviews and content reveals. It’s also worth noting that a leak surfaced about a week ago, which claims to showcase the map for future modifications in the annual event. According to the information, it’s going to be larger than the existing SnowFall map from Chapter 2 and will feature some new paths.

Snowfall changes the dynamic of PUBG yet it leaves certain areas untouched. In Miramar, lots of locations see very little to no snowfall. On the current map, there are very few snowy locations as well. Even when there’s snow in some parts of Pochinki, Miramar and regions like that, it doesn’t change the experience when playing here. These snowy locations are good candidates to stay because they will leave the existing experience intact.

The winding, often confusing Fortnite map is host to many secrets and mysteries. One of which is hidden behind a cube that was frozen inside an iceberg. The cube has been moved and rotated several times over the past eight weeks and finally found itself in the middle of Loot Lake. We don’t know what Brite Bomber’s plans are for the cube, but it was fortuitously dropped onto Loot Lake in the episode before Season 8 comes to a close.

Based on player feedback, winter and Christmas themed locations or Points of Interest (POIs) will also be added to the new map. These themes can range anywhere from enemies dressed in “Santa” outfits to snowflake themed POIs. It is not clear if any new cities or towns will be added in the seasonal update. One major addition is the pyramid on the eastern coast of the map.

Fortnite WinterFest 2019 is now under way and we don’t have an exact date as to when it will be ending. There will be a lot of new features, interesting locations, snow, and gifts. One of the main changes with this event is the size of the iceberg floating offshore. It seems to be huge. You can see it in the image below of Retail Row. With this blog post i will cover some leaked skins and emotes along with the location of current POIs for the holiday season.

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