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Brite Bomber Fortnite Skin

Brite Bomber Skin is a part of Fortnite cosmetics. Fortnite is an online video-game that was introduced by Epic Games in 2017. This video game is one of the most renowned video games in the world. This game involves its own in-game currency called the V-Bucks. V-Bucks in the game works as the Dollars work for us in our daily life. V-Bucks are used to purchase Fortnite cosmetics.

These cosmetics include skin, emotes, dances, and gliders, etc. Brite Bomber Fortnite Skin is one of the Fortnite famous skins. Brite Bomber is an outfit that belongs to a particular set of Fortnite skins called the “Sunshine and Rainbows” set. This set consists of a total of 20 cosmetics, out of which 5 are outfits, and the rest are weapons, including 3 gliders, 2 harvesting tools, 3 wraps, 3 back-blings, 3 loading-screens, and one spray bottle.

All the items of this set are very famous, among which the Brite Bomber skin is the one. This skin was released on December 15, 2017. As described by the name, this skin includes a pink-colored crop-top on which a rainbow and a unicorn are printed. The rest of the outfit’s display is of blue and purple color. People also make Brite Bomber costumes for themselves to pass off their addiction and love for this game.

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How to get Brite Bomber Fortnite Skin?

This is also a rare and uncommon Fortnite skin. This skin returns to the game after a certain time period. The average return period of this outfit is 32 days. If you want to get Brite Bomber Fortnite Skin, then first check the list of the Fortnite skin in the Item Shop within the Fortnite game. If you find Brite Bomber Skin there, you can easily buy it from the Item Shop. All you have to do is spend the number of v-bucks (in-game currency) required for this skin. The number of v-bucks required for the Brite Bomber Fortnite Skin is 1200.


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